Who are we?

We are a private money network that create loans for buyers.

We specialize in funding affordable housing loans that most banks won’t.


Affordable Housing Loans History

Affordable Housing Loans was started by two people looking to solve a problem they found in the affordable housing market in Arizona. Tom Chase and Bill Lane decided that hard working middle class individuals and families making a good living were getting priced out of the home ownership market. The one place in Arizona where these individuals could still own a home was in the manufactured/mobile home market. The main problem for these individuals was finding financing options. Most lenders won’t touch a loan under $50,000 for a residence and many lenders won’t lend on these types of used homes.

Tom and Bill decided to work with the local private money lending community to fund loans that can work for everyone. They decided that following all normal loan approval processes and federal standards was to ensure that the loans will be repaid and work for the individual wanting to become a home owner. To do this they formed a Mobile Home Dealership that specializes in figuring out a financed deal that works for all parties.

Affordable Housing Loans Mission Statement

Help More People Buy Affordable Homes


Our Commitment

Affordable Housing Loans is committed to finding affordable home financing options for people that CAN afford financing but the normal banking institutions have left them without options. We will set and continue to maintain the standard for financing used manufactured homes in parks in total compliance with regulatory guidelines. Affordable Housing Loans will protect against all types of lending fraud by following our Total Quality Control Program.

Total Quality Control Program

Affordable Housing Loans underwrites our loans in house. We work with our buyer to find a loan that works for them. That will be repaid in a timely manner completing the home ownership path as soon as possible. Affordable Housing Loans factor in all debt and park rent to determine the right payment. We are dedicated to preventing all forms of Mortgage Fraud with strict compliance with all regulatory requirements.