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We specialize in providing loans for used manufactured/mobile homes. Loans starting as low as $10,000!


What Is Affordable Housing Loans, LLC

Affordable Housing Loans, LLC is a private lending company specializing in helping people get financing in the used manufactured/mobile home market. Many corporate bank lenders won’t loan on manufactured or mobile homes in parks. Many lenders won’t lend on homes under $50,000. Affordable Housing Loans can and want to help fund these loans! We help find the right payment that you can afford for your budget. Affordable Housing Loans has the same goal – for you to pay off the loan as soon as you can. Providing loans for used manufactured/mobile homes in parks is our specialty. Apply today or call us with any questions you might have.


Easier Loan Application

At Affordable Housing Loans, we want this process to be easy for you. Start with a click of a button and answering just a few questions. After that we will help you step by step through the process over the phone! No more pulling your hair out to get qualified.

Working with Park Managers 

Affordable Housing Loans coordinates our approval efforts with the park managers to ensure that you get approved with the park at the same time you get approved with us for your loan.

Real Estate Agents

For Realtors and Mobile Home Dealers: Affordable Housing Loans will work with you to co-broker a closing to ensure a smooth and successful closing for your clients. Please contact us first before sending us a referral. We are not your typical lender and our process must be explained before any offers are made.

Why Choose Affordable Housing Loans, LLC For Home Loan?

Competitive Rates

Affordable Housing Loans is a direct lender offering the most competitive rates in the manufactured home lending business.

Fast Turnaround Times

Affordable Housing Loans has an efficient systems and processes help get loans closed quickly and without unnecessary delays.

Experienced, Helpful Staff

Affordable Housing Loans’ staff is experienced and well trained and always ready to meet your every need

Personalized Service

Affordable Housing Loans makes the loan process as simple and smooth as possible with our world class personalized service.

High Customer Satisfaction

Affordable Housing Loans strives for your satisfaction and offer the best service and overall experience in the industry. We always want to be open and transparent during all phases of the loan approval and servicing process.

In House Underwriting

Affordable Housing Loans makes the closing process easier and quicker by underwriting all of our loans in house.

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